I originally started my career in traditional marketing.

I absolutely loved it and I’d always wanted to work in that industry for as long as I can remember.

What I loved most was the concept of being able to bring something to life, from an initial idea.

You have a team to work with and a deadline to work to and as soon as that is set, there’s an abundance of energy released as everybody works together to bring the idea to life.

Absolutely loved it. And then I had a light bulb moment!

I realised that you could follow a similar process to marketing with coaching and actually bring real people’s ideas, dreams and desires to life.

So I then dedicated ten years of my life to live on purpose doing just that.

Working with some of the most vulnerable yet courageous people in society that really wanted to get ahead in life but didn’t know where to start. Coaching was a great catalyst to really accelerate their growth.

Then in 2017 I went back to marketing as a freelancer – but everything had changed.

Or rather, I’d changed. I guess I just felt that without a purpose to get behind, it just wasn’t meaningful anymore.

The other critical gamechanger was my commute from Hackney to SoHo.

Squashed up like a sardine.

I started to get excruciating back ache and it wasn’t letting up.

I knew there and then that I was out of sync and something had to change.

So then I thought about how I could amalgamate what I had learnt in life, my love of coaching, all the therapeutic knowledge I had acquired and the digital marketing I had upskilled with.

As a free-spirited woman, a sense of freedom has always been important to me.

So I explored how I could bring all of that together.

And hey presto, having gone around the houses with lots of ideas, I ended up giving birth to myself literally, and that’s why Dannyelladotcom was formed.

So now I get to live my life on purpose with the freedom of doing what I love and the option to work from anywhere. How about you? Why do you do what you?

How about you? Why do you do what you do?



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