When I arrived at 40, I felt a sense of urgency. I began to look for meaning in a different way.

I could see my life from a different perspective; right from the top of the hill. I asked myself how I wanted to spend the next 40 years.  I thought about where I could focus my energies to build a lifestyle that created a sense of fun and freedom, utilising my life experiences, passions and purpose.

Life was pretty chaotic when growing up, sadly, domestic violence and addiction were things I had to navigate through from an early age. Amidst the chaos, I always knew that a life of day-to-day survival was not for me. I wanted more. 

As a life-long learner, I absolutely loved school, school for me was a sanctuary and an opportunity to learn what was out there in the wider world. I saw it as a stepping stone to leaving the chaos of my early years behind. 

One thing I do remember clearly is being advised at careers day to get a steady job down the high street, I told them that I wanted to work in advertising.I don’t think they really knew what advertising was and neither did I back then but I had seen a movie about it. I loved the creativity, and the freedom to be yourself that it allowed.  

I was laser focused with my approach and soon found work for a small tech retailer (I say that with a pinch of salt as we didn’t really know what tech was in those days! Let’s just say they specialised in computers that could talk and these clunky things called mobile phones!).

We used to get wined and dined by an ad agency that always seemed to be having fun. With fun being one of my core values,  I quickly decided that I wanted to work for an ad agency too, so I jumped ship and left my client-side role behind. I had made a decision and what I desired opened up before me. 

After spending 3 months in New York and still in my early twenties, I soon had my sights on London. I made another bold decision to work for a big London Ad agency. I was met with ‘You can’t do that’ ‘You don’t know anybody’ ‘London is dangerous’ ‘How are you going to survive’. Their words were coming from a good place but I had an all consuming desire to just do it. I Left no time for consideration, I knew I couldn’t let any doubts or fears seep in. I knew that if I didn’t go, I would be left with feelings of regret; and besides, I could always return.

Going to London at that time was one of the best decisions of my life. Leaving the family chaos behind, I felt a real sense of mental freedom.

Not only did I end up working for some of the biggest global brands, I was surrounded by creativity, new music and met some of the most fun loving dynamic people I know. Many of them are still my friends today. Again, I found myself standing in the midst of what I had manifested. There was no process for this apart from making a decision, stating when I was going to do it, getting my flex on and making it happen. 


One day, I was sat in a meeting, in the boardroom with of one of our biggest clients. We were having a strategy meeting and spent two whole hours discussing what the colour blue meant. I was left wondering that there had to be more to life than this. What am I truly here for, and how can I really add value. Why did I go through what I did and come out relatively unscathed? What was my purpose, how could I use what I know to help others? That instinctual drive had awakened once more and I knew I was about to embark on a new direction. 


In agency land, you get a brief from the client, you agree by when; you brainstorm possibilities, create a strategy, then see the idea unfold. I was left wondering what it would be like if we put that same energy I learnt in marketing into doing things for ourselves; from idea to deadline like that of our clients. Imagine what we could do, imagine the possibilities, the momentum and the energy, if we just committed to when we were going to do it? It mirrored the philosophy of how I got things done in my own life.


Soon after, I made another bold decision and made the leap into the charity sector. I was keen on amalgamating my own life experiences and the approach to solving problems that I had learnt in marketing  to transform the lives of ‘perceived to be dis-advantaged’ young people to dream bigger, make bold decisions, set time frames, get out of their own way and step into action! Thus enabling those that I worked with to bring their own ideas and desires to life, just as we had for our clients in agency land.


That was the only framework I had and then in 2008 I came across coaching and was accredited in 2009. This was a real game-changer for me and my clients. Suddenly, everything made sense. This was my purpose. I was in total flow. Coaching was the bridge that enabled me to utilise my life experiences for the service of others.


I gained a masters in Psychodynamic Approaches to Working (at the World Leading Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust) to add more depth to my coaching and an awareness about therapeutic disciplines and began mastering my craft training others to become coaches too.

In 2012 my experiences in coaching culminated in a Tedx Talk on the power of Positive Experiences which was grounded in my coaching philosophy. 

Since 2009, I have coached hundreds of people from all walks of life to move from where they were to where they wanted to be. I act as a sounding board to hold their ideas and their dreams, I get them to set a timeframe and support them to take the steps to realise it. I have seen this happen over and over again. From buying houses, to leaving relationships, to getting up and travelling, having difficult conversations, starting business’, utilising their own skill sets to serve

  • I noticed that the biggest shift happens when we set a timeframe to realise our dreams
  • Overcoming adverse experiences can give you a resilient edge
  • It’s amazing what changes if you change
  • It’s quicker to walk through the brick wall than to climb over it
  • Progress = Happiness
  • If you want an easy life, be #yourwholeself

Travel has always been a primary love, so last year I made another bold decision, upskilled in all things Digital Marketing and spent winter 2018 in Costa Rica working from my laptop with the palm trees behind me. On reflection my true calling is coaching others to realise their ambitions. That’s what I am here for. It gives the adversity I experienced in my early years a sense of purpose. So this is where I’m at..

In May 2019 I made a bold decision to take my coaching practice online. I gave myself 90 Days to get my Flex on and here it is. I trusted in the process; and experience has shown me that if you just declare when, and Let the Energy of Possibility Take You There!


Schedule a call today. Let’s explore where you’re at, where you want to get to and shake up your being into taking action!